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Pastoral Care

Spiritual Care

All our activities begin with a prayer. 

As in all Loreto Schools, religious ceremonies have an important place in our school year. Special attention is given for the preparation of our school masses which involves everyone in the school community. 


Zippy is a Project initiated   by ‘Institut Cardinal Jean Margéot ‘(I.C.J.M.) The Zippy’s Friends project aims at promoting the development of coping skills and emotional wellbeing among young children with a view to helping them handle problems during adolescence and adult life.


The programme, running in primary schools and kindergartens around the world, aims at teaching children how to manage their emotions such as happiness, sadness and also how to control anger thus reinforcing the sound growth process of children.

Positive Discipline Programme

Positive Discipline aims at developing mutually respectful relationships by teaching adults to employ kindness and firmness at the same time, and is neither punitive nor permissive. The tools and concepts of the programme empower our teachers to properly allow students to learn and adapt their behaviors to meet expectations in the classroom, while simultaneously teaching them how to make better choices in their path to adulthood.



Professional Counsellor

A Counsellor is present in the school twice a week. Children, parents and staff may request an appointment. Pupils can also be referred by teachers once parental permission has been given.

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